“Be careful!”, screamed Momma Rob as they walked out the door.  He had the keys in his hand and they were ready to go.  It was rare that his mother let them use her car.  See, she had no problem with it.   She actually liked it when Rob used her car.  Late at night or what seemed like the middle of the night his sister would always need a ride home from somewhere.  She loved staying out late with friends, which meant Momma Rob would have to stay up late just to pick her up from whatever party she was at.  Having the car meant Momma Rob was able to call it an early night knowing the two of them would bring her home safely.  It was Poppa Rob who had a problem.  They could hear his voice echoing in their heads, “He’s not insured to drive that car, God only knows what’s going to happen.”  See Poppa Rob has the bedtime of a seven yea old, and once he’s out, he’s done for the night.  What goes on between eight in the evening and seven in the morning he shall never know.

                  As they walked to the car, they decided what resteraunt they were going to go to.  About a  ten minute drive from his house and they would be there.  They got into the car, Felicia was sitting in the passenger seat as Rob drove the car.  Rob hoped on the highway and they were smooth sailing to their favorite place to eat.  The music was on in blasting in the car as they drove along.  “Ugh, another commerical.”, groaned Felicia as she lowered the volume of the radio.  It was an advertisement for some hot new movie comming into the theaters.  Two really good actors in a movie with hot girls and fast cars.  The plot of the movie was simple; get a nice fast car, and start racing.  It seemed to be that the protagonist was almost involved in a serious car accident but was saved by the grace of God.  “Crap!….We’re we just hit?” screamed an actor in the comming attration for the movie.  He had just got his car fully equiped and ready for the race track.  “Back to the music now with DJ CindyL”, said the radio man as Felicia blasted the volume back up to twenty and leaned back in her seat.

               They were stuck in the slow lane, all the way to the right and couldn’t get over.  Every car was driving side by side.  Rob, kept checking his mirrors hoping he would be able to squeeze into the next lane.  Out of no where a tiny black car is speeding up and dipping in and out of lanes.  Felicia peered her head back abd watched him go from the far left lane into the middle lane and cut a guy off.  They were in the next lane right next to that guy.

                    “Shit!  What are you doing?  Why are you driving away?”, screamed Felicia.  The car was moving fowards.  “Pull over!”  she looked over to her boyfriend who was shaking and sweating, she could see the look of fear in his eyes.  Her heart was pounding so fast, she couldn’t hear herself screaming. 

                    After a moment he spoke.  “They didn’t hit us.  He just missed us, crazy.”  Felica watched the little black car go from the far right, into the middle lane, cutting my neighbor off.  The black car had no room, just fit and was speeding.  At the last minute he slammed on his breaks.  A four car pile up right next to them.  The noise of all cars smacking into eachother was intense.  So powerful she thought they defintly were involved.  It couldn’t have been more than  a foot or two that seperated their car.  Their neighbor driving in the middle lane car got destroyed.  She saw the whole car get compacted inbetween the little black car and the car behind him.  It was no more than a flash before her eyes.  They were slowly driving away. 

               “If anything happens to my car, divorce.  Your father will kill me.” said Momma Rob many times as they were walking out the door.  They thought it was over.  It’s just a car, it can be fixed, however this time Poppa Rob would have found out what happens when he shuts his eyes at night.  They drive slow, careful, in the end there will always be that little black car who destroys everything.

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