June 28, 2011

                   I have never read anything close to Macedonio Fernandez’s novel, “The Museum of Eterna’s Novel (The First Good Novel)”.  His style of writing is completly different to anything I have ever read before.  I think it’s interesting and humorous that he calls it, “The First Good Novel”.  That’s his opinion, and since he wrote the book one would hope he likes it.  Of what I have read so far the novel is confusing.  The whole time I was reading the begining I was waiting for the novel to finally start.  After a few pages I look to see how long the introduction was and was shocked when I saw it went on for that many pages.  It seems as if Fernandez never really wants to start the book; which would mean the book never ends if it never starts.  For having suching a long introduction the book isn’t long at all which says a lot about Fernandez writing style and waiting he is trying to have this book do.  This long introduction was put there for many different reasons.  One could be that he wants to show the audience  that there is more to a story than the actual story itself.

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