June 27, 2011

Samperio, “She Lived in a Story”

              The story was crazy and difficult to understand.  I liked that it was a short story; this made it somewhat easier to get through.  If it would have been longer I would have gotten completly lost.  Guillermo is a professor who gave a speech and now wants to write a story.  He ends up writing a story about a girl named, Ofelia.  Ofelia then intails writes a story about Guillermo writing a story about herself.  It’s a trippy idea if you really think about.  What made it so confussing was that the point of view kept changing throughout the story.  I had to stop and re-read certain parts of the story becasue I was sure who was narrating at the current moment.

Borges, “Pierre Menard”

            I noticed right away that this story is in first person narration, and is overt.  However he is also questionable like many other writers.  When I was reading this story there were a lot of words tha I didn’t know.  I felt like I needed to sit with a dictionary next to me while I was reading.  He uses a lot of big words in my opinion to throw the reader off.  I think he is trying to confuse and challenge the reader.  He also mentions a lot of famous intellectuals that some people may not have heard of before.  Overall I found this story to be exagerated and confusing.

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