June 27, 2011

         As I sit in this classroom, I write.  The bic pen is of blue ink.  My fingers move in a particular motion to make beautiful round letters, that turn to words.  My handwriting is neat and legible.  However my fingers arn’t they need to by manicured.  My hand quickly moves accross the white lined paper; line after line complete.  My fingers start to feel crampin up, getting tense and tired but still by penminship is still incredibly neat.  Everyone sits, quickly writing away; taking a simple piece of paper and pen.  The motion my hands and fingers make is amazing, I can do this without even thinking.  This is so natural, it’s automatic.  I hate having to cross things out and white out is a pain, therefore I cross out.  It makes everything look so sloppy.  It’s much easier to write without wearing any bracelets.  There is no banging sound on the table.  I love bracelets but not when I’m writing.  I like to have a smooth surface when I am writing.  Writing has a soothing and calming feeling that can make one instantly relaxed as they clear their mind as they write down their problems.

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