June 20, 2011

                           Since I have been reading so many different styles of literature I have realized that humor doesn’t really change over time.  Don Quixote by Cervantes was written in the 1600’s and I still find it funny today.  There is a lot of gross and simple hunor within the novel.  Everything that Don Quixote read left out important details, such as carrying money.  Since the audinece sees how those peices of literature didn’t find it necessary to include discussing things as money and going to the bathroom, Cervantes makes it  a point to put it in his novel.  In Chapter twenty Sancho is telling a story.  The audience quickly sees that Sancho is a bad storyteller.  What is really funny in this chapter is the fact that Sancho has to go to the bathroom really badly.  This happens to everyone but the way Cervantes writes it is so funny.  The poop joke is an example of scatological humor.  “Then he lifted up his shirt as best as he could, and thrust two ample buttocks into the night air.  Once he’d done this, which he’d thought was all he needed to do to escape from his harrowing predicament, he found himself in another even worse plight: he thought that he wasn’t going to be able to relieve himself in silence, and he began to grit his teeth and hunch his shoulders and hold his breath for as long as he could, but in spite of all these precautions he was unfortunate enough, in the end, to make a small noise, quite different from the noise causing him such great fear.” (Cervantes, 160)  Everything about the wording of this passage is hysterical.

Work Citied

De Cervantes, Miguel. Don Quixote of La Mancha. New York: Signet Classic, 1964. Print

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