June 20, 2011

                  Chapter 17 in Don Quixote by Cervantes is a very interesting chapter full of narrations and dialogue.  There is a lot of evidence of narrator’s discourse within the novel.  Narrtor’s discourse is oral or writen text produced by an act of narrating.  This is also telling the narrative made up statements from the story.  In this chapter Don Quixote starts realizing made he needs certain things that arn’t mentioned in the books he is putting to test.  The innkepper needs to get paid; however Don Quixote doesn’t carry money on him.  This intails the innkeeper to take their suitcases.  This chapter also shows the audience once again how much Sancho gets picked on.  “And there, with Sancho in the middle of the blanket, they began to toss him up and down and to amuse themselves at his expense, as people do with dogs at a carnival time.”  (Samperio, 135)  Constantly Sancho is being abused by people and usually it is Don Quixote’s fault.  The quote presented is in the present tense.  However throughout this chapter the narrator is switching from the past to the present.

Work Citied

De Cervantes, Miguel. Don Quixote of La Mancha. New York: Signet Classic, 1964. Print

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