June 20, 2011

                  When a writer is writing a story they need to make many decisions on how they are going to structure the story.  Some authors decide to start traditionaly in the begining while other starts their tale at the end.  Many decide to start off using media res.  Media res is when one starts off in the middle of the situation and by the end of the story everything makes sense.  When I wrote my short story I decided to start off with something that my boyfriend’s mother said.  I never use her real name in the story, always calling her Momma Rob.  Next we asked for persmission to use the car; we were allowed.  Throughout the whole story I included things that his mother has said to us in the past.  My boyfriend and I got into the car and decided where we were going to eat.  Next we got on the highway and headed there.  Saw a black car speeding up and driving crazy.  Saw a four car accident right next to us.  After witnessing the car accident panic set in through my mind.  I thought our car was hit, wasn’t understanding why my boyfriend wasn’t pulling over the car.  The four car pile up just missed our car.   Then we drove away.  Both of us were scared and thankful that we wern’t involved in the car accident.  I ended the story with a message saying becareful because there will always be a something that destroys everything.

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