June 20, 2011

Three Stars.

            Don Quixote by Cervantes was an original novel that can be considered a classic.  It has definitely withheld the test of time.  I liked the idea and concept of the novel.  The fact that Don Quixote tries to put all the literature he has read to the test.  The book had many funny parts; however it was very hard to get through.  It was very long and overwhelming.  If you can sit down and focus, it would be a good book.  For me, there was too much extra stuff happening.  I like when a novel gets straight to the point.  I have found some of the story dry to read.  I finished part one and don’t think I am going to continue to read part two.

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2 Responses to “Blog-10”

  1.   salvarez said:

    Felicia, nice job with the blog posts, you earned 15 out of 15 possible points this round. Don Quixote is a long book, and of the two parts of the novel, the first is by far the most boring. The second part reads more like an original story, but it’s not as famous as part one. In part two Sancho speaks much more and he even gets his own chapters to himself.

    Think of the posts next round as places where you could make some practice PIE paragraphs working toward your final essay.

  2.   salvarez said:

    Felicia, I was unable to post comments on your response page, so I’ll leave them here.

    Read together with your first response, I think you pretty much have a complete section for your final project written (the application of Jahn to one text). You still would need to apply some of those same theories to another text. And also a few PIE paragraphs just on Jahn alone. You could probably review your blog posts for some of these ideas for material.

    I hope you can see how PIE paragraphs are useful. And your proof-reading is much appreciated.

    For the MLA, you don’t credit Samperio nor give the title of the story. Also keep in mind it comes from a journal and not a book.

    4.8 out of 5 points.

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