June 12, 2011

          The story, “She Lived in a Story” by Guillermo Samperio was very interesting.  His style if writing was a little hard to follow because he keeps changing the point of view.  The story made me think and question what was going on.  This kept my attention and is what I really enjoyed about the story.  Stories within stories are very unique and interesting; there are so many things to examine and look at.  The end gets a little crazy when the two characters meet and walk away hand in hand.  This pary of the tale chanllenged the reader to understand what is going on.  The title of the story caught my attention right away; it foreshadowed what was to come in the tale.  Segovia uses a lot of literary devices in his writing including metaphors.  His archieturce metaphor was written very well and was very interesting to think about.  I think the story would have been better if the names of teh characters were diffferent.  I’m sure Segovia had an intention in using the same names when writing the story, however it made it confussing to follow.  If the names were altered the story would have been more clear.  Overall I really liked this story; never reading anything liek this before.  It made me think and challenge myself in a whole new way.

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