June 12, 2011

          “I write that he writes a story that I live in.” (Samperio 60) This quote can be very confusing, one might have to re-read this sentence a few times to understand it.  Ofelia is a made up character who is writing about a story about Guillermo.  In this tale Guillermo writes a story that Ofelia is the author, she’s writing the story, and she’s the character.  Ofelia lives in what she writes.  If one breaks down the sentence one can see that this is Samperio’s way of distinguishing characters from real people.  Samperio is a real person, and since she is a character she can’t write about a real person.  This is a clear distinction that Samperio makes between fictional discourse and reality.  The story, “She Lived in a Story” is constantly changing the point of view and the tense that is being used.  Ofelia is a character who is completly aware she is being watched, this is how she can change teh narration.  This is the major difference between Ofelia and Segovia; she is assertive and takes control which can make her seem as if she isn’t a character in the story.  After reading this quote a few times one can simply break it down.

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