June 12, 2011

          “A house and a story should be solid, functional, necessary, lasting.” (Samperio 55)  Houses and stories should both have a clear point.  Houses are meant for people to live in; they have a clear and solid function.  Stories are meant to be read, however people can live in stories.  When one is reading a story they can get lost and live in the story for a few hours.  A house and a story should be timeless.  Homes should last for many years; if built sturdy and solid.  Books need to be clear so the reader can understand what is going on.  Places of living and novels need to be used in order to get something out of them.  Both are wasted if no one uses them.  However everything should have a purpose.  Everything in the novel should be relevant, and everything in the home should be functional.  This quote explains what stories and houses are supposed to do.

Work Citied

Gibbons, Reginald., ed. New Writing from Mexico. Evanston, IL: TriQuarterly Northwestern

                 University, 1992. Print.

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